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Cheat 2-8-0 Super Secret Formation WE All Versions Ps2 | Never-Lose Secret Formation Of Master's Trick WE All Versions Ps2 (ENGLISH VERSION)

 Hi gamers and all friends of Bloggers J . How are you ? You must be okay, right ?, hehe..
After the last time I was already share some tips about Trick And Various Tactics Of PES & WE Ps2 | Great Perfect Tactics Of Master's Trick PES & WE Ps2 (ENGLISH VERSION), but this time, it’s different, I will still discuss about the football game, this game is Winning Eleven Play Station 2.  What I’m going tell you is about revealing one of The Biggest Secret of WE, and there’s no other football games has this secret expect this game.
That Biggest Secret is The Secret 8-2-0 Formation. I think you don’t believe me and feeling strange about it. “Is there a formation without striker ? It’s not funny, but I’m glad there’s someone who share that, hehe..” Maybe that is some type of question in your head. However, this Biggest Secret 8-2-0 Formation it’s TRUE without CHANGES, I’m already tested it in my Ps2 and the result is success.
My own self was do not believe it when it comes true. The story began when one of my friend tell me a weird question, “Is there a formation without striker ? I wonder what happened when it comes true, haha”.  That’s the time I want to start my experiment. Even in the internet I never seeing this formation. The result of my experiment was amazing, I’m successful make my friend’s dream come true J, however it’s not easy to make this Secret Formation, but I will tell you this walkthrough with complete explanations. I was found the other Secret Formation such as 2-7-1, I will tell you the next time we meet.
Inside this game, there’s many other amazing trick and Secret,the work of the game is not different like PES. Just some small aspect has the difference, but that difference will be replaced with it’s amazing and simple game play of WE. Okay I will give you The Biggest Secret 8-2-0 Formation for FREE, full with the images, with note, I will very happy if you become as the loyal visitor of this blog, every of your visit will be very valuable for this blog, thank you very much.
So, let’s check it out :
Before with set the Formation, please read below notes :
NOT ALL CLUB CAN BE SET WITH THIS SPECIAL FORMATION, JUST SOME CLUB CAN USE THAT, so not all club can support this Formation, BUT you can still use the Formation for your favorite club WITH SAVING THE FORMATION, and copy it when you choose a Formation using your team. So with this method, you can USE ALL CLUB with this Formation with save it
Let’s continue :
Like what I said before, with to try the experiment, I’m using the Bavarian club, Bayern Muenchen. And it worked, so just follow below instruction :
1.      Choose BAYERN MUENCHEN as your club.
2.      Notice below picture.
Bayern Muenchen Formation We Ps2
Bayern Muenchen Formation

If your Bayern Muenchen default formation like above, you can continue to the next step, but if it’s different, change it like above in order to make it easier for setting of the Special Formation.
3.      If the default Formation is same like above, select 8 best defenders you have, and 2 AMF to your main team. And go to edit position, change it like below :
·         SB (RB & LB) go to the MIDFIELD, and change the ROLE to DMF, the locate is free, but the ROLE must to be DMF. There’s a 4 DMF now.
·         Change 1 DMF & 1 AMF to be a STRIKER and change all of the STRIKER to be CF, the locate is free, but the ROLE must to be CF. There’s a 5 CF now.
Below is the picture :
Bayern Muenchen Formation Edited We Ps2
Edit Like This
4.      After all the setting was completed, immediately go to START MATCH, BUT BEFORE KICK OFF, press START and go back to FORMATION SETTING, go to QUICK SETTING, and check list ATTACK & INCREASE PLAYER ATTACK, and 4 X CONFIRM, then the appearance will be like below :
8-2-0 Formation We Ps2
2 CB, 2 AMF, 6 CF

5.      DO NOT EXIT, there’s a several step remaining, go back to QUICK SETTING, check list ATTACK, POST PLAYER, PLACE SWEEPER, & INCREASE PLAYER ATTACK, and 4 X CONFIRM, below is the result of this step :
8-2-0 Formation We Ps2
1 SWEEPER, 1 CB, 2 AMF, 5 CF

6.      If the last step finished, change the SWEEPER to CB, and ALL OF MIDFIELDER (2) to DMF, THIS STEP MUST BE CORRECT, if you do it correct, then the appearance will be like below :

8-2-0 Formation We Ps2
2 CB, 2 DMF, 5 CF

7.      This is the LAST STEP, go to QUICK SETTING, just check list ATTACK and 2 X CONFIRM, so this is the 8-2-0 FORMATION.

8-2-0 Formation We Ps2
8-2-0 Formation We Ps2
If you want to use other team, follow this, go to DATA MANAGEMENT, copy from NOW IN USE BAYERN MUENCHEN to SLOT 1 SAVING DATA. After that, SAVE THE STOCK DATA. When you setting the Formation use the other team, go to DATA MANAGEMENT, then LOAD ALL STOCK DATA, copy from the SLOT 1 SAVING DATA to NOW IN USE, first tab (TEAM NAME). For more clear instructions, just notice below pictures :
8-2-0 Formation We Ps2
Copy 8-2-0 Formation We Ps2

8-2-0 Formation We Ps2
Save 8-2-0 Formation We Ps2

8-2-0 Formation We Ps2
8-2-0 Formation We Ps2

The advantage :
1.      Make a solid defense
2.      Will not easily defeated
3.      Will always invisible even the opponent launch the ultimate
4.      The full defense
The lack :
1.      The blunder will be often happened
2.      You must can control the all of your
3.      The percentage of the goal scoring is very thin

The next time, I will reveal about the others Secret Formation, The 2-7-1 & 2-2-6 Formation.

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