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Great Proved Diving Trick PES & WE 2015 Ps2 | Crazy Technique From Master's Trick PES & WE 2015 Ps2 (ENGLISH VERSION)

Diving PES 2015 Ps2
Player Diving
         Good night gamers and friends of Bloggers. What’s up ? Meet again with me on this opportunity.
          Do you still remember about the previous article ?. The Very Secret Rare Trick To Kill Opponent's Goal Keeper PES & WE Ps2 | Crazy Technique Of Master's Trick PES & WE Ps2 (ENGLISH VERSION). I was already told you, that I will tell you about Diving Trick PES 2015 Ps2, then, this is the time. Well, do you know the meaning of Diving ? Diving is an usual and normally executed action by a footballer in the world. The objective is to drop the player’s body, so referee will giving a penalty to the opponent. Sometime we feel angry if our player fall, but referee do not give a penalty. With this Diving Trick PES 2015 Ps2 we can anticipate that incident.
         This trick is a bit difficult to use if you do not clever using the joystick, and there’s a risk to doing this trick, if you wrong when doing the trick, then there’s a chance that your own player who receive the yellow card from referee, that’s the risk. So, you must be careful and don’t be careless when use the trick.

Below are some thing that will support the success rate of this trick :
1.      Use a player that has a relative small body / low BODY BALANCE you’re your opponent will more easily to make a penalty.
2.      Make sure your player accompanied with many opponent’s player. To do that, just go to opponent’s box.
3.      Press the R1 button to make your player dashing. This will make opponent want to stop your player.

Well, the above tips will help you to do this trick, for executing, follow below instruction :
1.      Move to the opponent’s player with the ball, but guard the ball from  opponent.
2.      When you close enough with some of opponent’s players, provoke opponent to follow your player.
3.      When the time is right, immediately press the R1 + R2 + L1.
4.      See the result, usually your player will fall and doing some complain. But, the decision is in referee’s hand. So don’t complain if the result is less from prediction.

           That is the tutorial of Great Diving Trick PES 2015 Ps2 | Crazy Technique From Master’s Trick PES 2015 Ps2 (ENGLISH VERSION). Itulah Trik Diving Hebat PES 2015 Ps2 | Teknik Gila Trik Master PES 2015 Ps2 (BAHASA INDONESIA). The special feature of this Trik is when the player is Diving, they will drop the body in a spontaneous and sensational action, even sometime opponent will angry.
          The hard of this trick is located when you pressing the button, because the timing is must to be very precise, even small mistake will make the Trick failed.
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