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How To Create Best Effective 100% Game-Style PES & WE 2015 Ps2 | Master's Trick PES & WE 2015 Ps2 (ENGLISH VERSION)

Hi gamers and friends all of Bloggers ... Back again with me as an admin in this blog.
         On this occasion we will discuss is still about PES 2015 Ps2. But if you indeed do not know about this great game, you can visit my previous article, How To Make Best Effective 100% Formation PES 2015 Ps2 | Master's Trick Of 4-3-3 Formation PES 2015 Ps2 (ENGLISH VERSION)
         What we are going to discuss is a Game-Style of PES 2015 Ps2. Each of gamer must have their style while playing game, whether it's counterattack, short/long way-pass, crossing, but I have a Game-Style which proved 100% crippling my opponents. I will completely explain about this Game-Style.
         This Game-Style is very effective if you can master it, well to maximize it, please read my previous post of the. Because by combining that Formation and this Game-Style, I'm sure a very great game will be created.
OK, enough with the small talk, here is the extraordinary Game-Style I have been using:

First :

Before the start of the match, set the formation, and in TEAM SETTINGS, select CHANGE STRATEGY, then change into :

Best Strategy, Formation, PES 2015 PlaySTation 2, Ps2
Change Strategy

1.     L2 + O = SWAP WINGS
2.     L2 + X = PRESSURING


1.      Strategy SWAP WINGS allow your wing midfielder to switch positions with your side back. If used properly then the problem about stamina of your winger will be resolved with this strategy, because when this strategy is successfully executed, the winger will continue to switch to restore power soon retreated to defend and attack after recovering power. It is good to make opponents dizzy.
2.      This strategy actually is just a backup. But if all the other strategy was failed and you never got the score, then this strategy is suitable when the situation like that, when activated, your defender or midfielder will be pressing game and move forward, so the opponent can’t breathe. That's the strategy of PRESSURING, effective and nice isn't it? but notice your players stamina, make sure your players is not fainted because of this strategy, hehe ...
3.      The CENTRAL ATTACK, as the name implies, this strategy relies heavily on midfielder, center midfielder, very powerful if your midfielder is a reliable set piece taker , then you probably could have done super long distance shot.
4.      Strategy of fast motion, COUNTER ATTACK is compulsory weapon for some great team to victory, place a 3 striker to make this perfect strategy.

Second :

Strategy, PES 2015 PlayStation 2, Ps2
When the game starts, immediately activate number 1, 3, and 4 strategies. Save number 2 strategy for the second half. Run the game in accordance with the Strategy pattern is already made, and if there are opportunities to score, just do it, but don't be panic.

Good Trick, Best Trick, Crippling Opponent, Pes 2015 PlayStation 2 , Ps2
Good Trick

Playing with a good tricks, do not use a useless tricks, at least just play with short-way-pass like tiki taka but move quickly. Optimize the use of all buttons, because it indirectly all buttons functioning, especially the buttons L2, R1, and R2.

Fair Play To Victory, PES 2015 PlayStation 2, Ps2
Fair Play

Don't be too often ran with the R1 button pressed, it is nice to use, but if it is used too often will make the ball easily stealed by your opponents, and your opponent also will certainly be easier to guess your Game-Style, use the button R1 only when there is no opponent is blocking and at certain times. And don't forget to play FAIRPLAY, if you playing with emotions, definitely you will loses the game like my disappointed experience.


If you wins, never satisfied and continues to increase, and don't get discouraged if you lose, just practicing and practicing.

Here is a picture of an example strategy tiki taka applied to Barcelona:

Tiki Taka, Barcelona, Offensive, Formation, PES 2015, PlayStation 2, Ps2
Tiki Taka Formation Version 1

Tiki Taka, Barcelona, Offensive, Formation, PES 2015, PlayStation 2, Ps2
Tiki Taka Formation Version 2

In the next post, I will explain about The Secret Of this game . It aims to help the you build the Game-Style you want. Please share it and visit my next article, How To Know Secret Of PES & WE 2015 Ps2 | Secret Technique OF Master's Trick PES & WE 2015 Ps2 (ENGLISH VERSION)

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