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How To Make Defensive Iron Wall Formation PES & WE 2015 Ps2 | Unscorable 4-4-2 Formation Of Master's Trick PES & WE 2015 Ps2

A Defender PES 2015 Ps2
A Defender
            Good evening gamers and friends of Blogger ! This is the time for me to share my experience again.
            Still about PES 2015 Ps2, how the development of your ability ? is it getting better or worse ?, please read articles about How To Use Best Secret Function PES & WE 2015 Ps2 | Secret Technique Of Master's Trick PES & WE 2015 Ps2 (ENGLISH VERSION).
            "How to create formation that the defense is very good ?”, surely you ever heard that kind of question. Sometimes such questions in the cast by gamers who are frustrated due to his teams always lose with his defense barriers of the less qualified, perhaps if you are a loyal visitor of this blog, you maybe had read my first article, How To Make Best Formation 100% Effective PES 2015 Ps2 | Master's Trick Of 4-3-3 Formation PES 2015 Ps2 (ENGLISH VERSION) in that article I explained about the formation of patterned best to always attack and hit the opponent, but it's different again for an article on this one. This time I will share ... to let you can fine-tune the right rear line to get more powerful and capable.
            Actually a Formation of a club or football team associated with the condition of the players as well as the stability of the team. The most stable line-up was by putting 4 defender, but if it is indeed the desired Formations more specifically, then it's different again of the result. So, this formation using 4 defender, but don't underestimate the ability.
            You know ‘ Multi Cloning Jutsu ' from the anime series of Naruto ? The style allows the user to fold his number of duplicate, then what is connection with all of this? Iron Wall Formation I described no pivots on a position player, but rather the overall cooperation as well as the stability of the team, with the excess, so the team look like has an infinite players, even though the number of players keep 11 players. That's the great thing about this Iron Wall Formation.

Just go ahead, check out this explanation:

1.      Select the formation of 4-4-1-1

4-4-1-1 Formation

The reason: the position of this formation allows the back line and midfield is dominating the game, but it's still not on the mods, so I will optimize its use in order to the greatest extent of possible.

2.      Edit the Position players like below:

• CB (both): 1 step to the LEFT
• SB (RB and LB): 2 steps to the LEFT
• DMF (both): 4 steps to the right, and the CHANGE of ROLE BE CMF
• LMF: 2 steps to the RIGHT, then the 2-step UP
• RMF: 2 steps to the RIGHT, then 2 steps DOWN
• AMF: 4 steps to the right, and MODIFY the ROLE BECAME SS
• CF: 2 steps to the LEFT

4-4-2 Formation Position

Reason: With a position like this will maximize all over the ability of this technique, play with style bait and lures the stomach, breakthrough, don't do direct-attack alone, namely direct attack with 1 player, because if its use would be difficult and is not balanced.

3.      then enter the Individual, and set it up like this:

Formation Individual Attack


Formation Individual Defense
Reason: individual settings with players like this, then all players survive will always be solid and midfielders will back off if it is needed, if possible, directly behind the attack just bait far forward so that it can benefit from direct by strikers who have been waiting for.

4.      Well, so far it how ?, there are still some rules again, go into the Team and Change strategy, and then set up like this:


Formation Team Settings
After that select the Attack/Defense and select BALANCE
Reason: this strategy is perfect with the formation, by enabling strategies L2 + O + X, then we can optimize our side of the field, and stamina of the players to the left or right will stay awake with strategy SWAP WINGS, and we could certainly get a chance even though we play defensive, because we will using a COUNTER ATTACK. While the functions of the BALANCE is so that the team could stabilize between offense and defense.

5.      To rest can be set to taste, but I suggest to select the Captain, the player has the ability to select high on TEAMWORK means teamwork in order for your team could work just as well.

Then how to use it?

·         When the game began, instantly activate all strategy by pressing the L2 + square, triangle, O, and X.
·         Play to rely on quarterback when attack and feed on the player to the future will be effective.
·         The bait away from back to front line will make the opponent becomes weak gradually.
·         When seizing the ball, use the button R1 + BOX + X, active and always use R2. For other secret functionalities, please read

That was the Formation of the iron Wall Survive, if helpful please share and thank you very much  you has been willing to visiting my blog. Next, I will post an article about 

If you have any questions, write in the comments field. Anyone is welcome to read this blog and be a loyal visitor of this blog. Please leave a comment and wait for the next article.

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