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The Very Secret Rare Trick To Kill Opponent's Goal Keeper PES & WE Ps2 | Crazy Technique Of Master's Trick PES & WE Ps2 (ENGLISH VERSION)

Pes & We Ps2
Goal Keeper
                Good night all, and Hello for every gamers of course for friends of Bloggers too. This time Admin will share a very rare and unique Trick, hehe..
                Like what I said in the previous article, How To Make Defensive Iron Wall Formation PES & WE Ps2 | Unscorable 4-4-2 Formation Of Master's Trick PES & WE Ps2 (ENGLISH VERSION). I will reveal my very Secret Valuable Trick, The Very Secret Rare Trick To Kill Opponent’s Goal Keeper PES and WE Ps2  | Crazy Techniqu From Master’s Trick Pes and WE Ps2 (ENGLISH VERSION). You must be very curious according to the title, hehe.. “There’s a trick that can kill opponent’s Goal Keeper ? Don’t kidding” Maybe that is type of sentence in your head.
But, this Trick is not a criminal or crime measure, the Kill word is just a decoration phrase. Want to know the original purpose ? Just continue reading, hehe..
                The Very Secret Rare Trick To Kill Opponent’s Goal Keeper PES and WE Ps2  | Crazy Technique From Master’s Trick Pes and WE Ps2 (ENGLISH VERSION) is a classic and rare Trick , so in that case, I just want to continue the environment of that classic Trick. The real purpose of this Trick  is to trap the opponent’s Goal Keeper  to make a penalty when you have the ball while in their forbidden box.
                The method of this Trick is, when you dribbling the ball, try to provoke the opponent’s Goal Keeper to approach you in a close range, but that is the time you execute the Trick in order that you are successful in killing opponent’s Goal Keeper with the Red Card or a Penalty Kick.

However, there are some requirements for the success of thi Trick, the requirements is :

1.      STRONG OBJECTIVE AND PURPOSE is needed to make sure you are not panic when facing the opponent’s Goal Keeper.
2.      A CONSISTENCY OF OBJECTIVE, if youe objective is a victory of the match, or scoring many goals, you better do not execute this Trick. Because the only purpose and objective is to demolish the opponent’s Goal Keeper from the field.
3.      Your player must FACING THE OPPONENT’S GOAL KEEPERalone without any other opponent, because the opponent’s Goal Keeper will not approach you if there’s still some of opponent’s defenders.
4.      You must be RELAX AND FOCUS, even though you are in a relax condition, you must focused to demolish the opponent’s Goal Keeper.
5.      And the last is a GOOD CONTROL AND PRECISE TIMING.

If the all of the requirements are fulfilled, read the preparations below :

1.      Use a formation of 3 STRIKERS, this will make you to more easily defeat the opponent’s solid defenders, you can read
2.      Change 2 of your strategy to CENTRAL ATTACK and COUNTER ATTACK, to do that, while in formation setting, go to the TEAM and CHANGE STRATEGY, change 2 of them. This purpose is to make your players more focused to attack.
3.      With using the above strategy, you can combine it with a BREAK THROUGH PASS, with this you can easily pass the opponent’s defender and directed to facing the opponent’s Goal Keeper.
4.      Use the STRATEGY DISPLAY for a good play, it is located beside your players name. Change the color to red, so your team will always attack to the front. To change the color to the top, press L2 + R1, and to change for more defensive, just press L2 + R2.

Well, the above explanations is just a support thing to increase the success percentage of the Trick. If you still want to execute the Trick, then read below executing step of the Trick :

1.      Go ahead and stab the opponent’s defense from the midfield and go direct to the Goal Keeper.

Pes & We Ps2
Defeat The Defenders
2.      If you success in broken the defense and face the Goal Keeper directly, my suggest, don’t press the R1 button if you still a newbie, but if you a master you can press the button to provoke the Goal Keeper.

Pes & We Ps2
Facing The Goal Keeeper
3.      When the Goal Keeper start to stop you / try to steal the ball, immediately give the ball to your closest teammate with pressing the TRIANGLE button, or you can throw the ball anywhere you want with using the RIGHT ANALOG to the desired direction. The time must be very precise.

Pes & We Ps2
4.      If you successful and the opponent’s Goal Keeper is receive the penalty, CONGRATULATIONS !!!. Your only objective is to score a goal, but if you failure, practice and practice, because I’m too need a time to learn this Trick.

Pes & We Ps2

Below is my video :

            The only last defense of the team is the Goal Keeper, so if we destroy opponent’s  only last defense of course, we can easily destroy all part of the team. Because if one part of the team is disappear, that team will have a crippled leg.
            That is The Very Secret Rare Trick To Kill Opponent’s Goal Keeper PES and WE Ps2  | Crazy Technique From Master’s Trick Pes and WE Ps2 (ENGLISH VERSION). Thank you very much to read this article, next time, I will share about Great Proved Diving Trick PES & WE Ps2 | Crazy Technique Of Master's Trick PES & WE Ps2 (ENGLSIH VERSION).

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