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Tricks And Various Tactics Of PES & WE 2015 Ps2 | Great Perfect Tactics Of Master's Trick PES & WE 2015 Ps2 (ENGLISH VERSION)

            Hello gamers and all friends of Bloggers. In this moderate cold condition, I will give you the explanations of some Various Tactics, Those Tactics is used by some of Big Club such as my favorite, Manchester City, etc.
            The last article, I was already share about The Amazing Effective Diving Trick, if you want to know that Trick,  go to Great Proved Diving Trick PES &WE Ps2 | Crazy Technique Of Master's Trick PES & WE Ps2 (ENGLISH VERSION). In PES & WE Ps2, I’m sure you had try many Tactics to achieve the victory in the game. But, do you know how to execute that many various Tactics ?Well, I’m gonna tell you about that in this and only article in the world, .
Before to the point, I just wanna to make sure that you understand about the Tactics of PES & WE Ps2. Tactics is a work of player / gamer to achieve a victory, there are many Tactics, but one gamer can’t learn of all that Tactics. One gamer can only learn and execute some Tactics that have a same characteristic as the player. Well, from this point, are you still don’t understand about the Tactics ?Just search on GOOGLE =D, hehe viss..
           To be honest, the true Tactic can be shaped by your original Game-Style even your own self are not conscious, this is because every gamer and player has their original Game-Style that can build their Tactic. However, my objective is to give you some of my favorite Tactics & Strategy as a knowledge and you can use that according to your desire J.

Please read that Tactics below :

1.      For striker / attack :

PES & WE Ps2
Target Man

a)     Target Man : This tactic require you to put one and only Striker in the most very front as most primary player to receive many good ball from the team. A Target Man player has role as CF.
b)     Shadow Striker : This tactic require you to place one Striker behind the Target Man, that player will be a shadow of Target Man, the purpose is to help the Target Man. A Shadow Striker player has role as SS / ST.
c)      Wing Breakthrough : Very rely a skilled Wing Forward (WF). So of course you must put a winger. That player will always trying to get the ball and will go direct to  the front from the side, the player usually has a high speed.
d)     Direct Attack : A tactic that has an attack pattern, with this tactic, you can declare a direct attack to the opponent’s goal keeper without wasting time with a bad tricks. The primary objective of this tactic is to score as many goal as you can.
e)     Quick Force : Almost like the Direct Attack, but this tactic is giving a priority to declare a quick attack so the opponent can’t breathe, stamina is a usual problem.
f)       All-Out Attack : Very a dangerous tactic for the opponent, this tactic usually used to make opponent crippled without mercy, with send all the player to attack in one real time without pause.
g)     Counter Attack : Usually used by some big club as a primary weapon for big match, will be activated when the team receive an attack from the opponent and will reply with quick attack.

2.      For midfielder / strategy :

PES & WE Ps2
Yaya Toure

a)     Box to Box : This tactic use one of midfielder that has a big body, high STAMINA, and BODY BALANCE such as Yaya Toure, Pogba, etc. That selected player will controlling the surrounded area by his view and will always steal the ball from opponent even must running all the field.
b)     Playmaker : This is the special tactic that using one selected midfielder with high intelligent and TEAMWORK to control the game and all the field with his strategy, usually a captain for the team. Success key to victory.
c)      Long-Way Pass : A tactic with a high ball for the selected striker.
d)     Short-Way Pass : A tactic with  low and short ball. The opposite of Long-Way Pass.
e)     Total Football / Total Ball Possession : Use a solid  teamwork in order to make opponent’s player can’t get the ball, usually used to extend the time or building strategy.
f)       Individual Ball Possession : Use one of midfielder that has a high dribble skill to carrying the ball to the front. However, the teamwork will be decreased. The opposite of Total Football..
g)     Wide-Play : This tactic can be combined with the Long-Way Pass. The method is simple, that is giving the ball to the all of the field wide area. Using the player’s accurate ability.
h)     Narrow-Play : This tactic can be combined with the Short-Way Pass. The method is simple, that is giving the ball to the teammate in close range attack like an arrow from the side. The opposite of Wide-Play.

3.      For defender / defense:

Zone Marking

a)     Zonal Marking : The defensive tactic that make all of your defender must guarding their selected area.
b)     Mark Player : The defensive tactic that make all of your defender guarding their selected opposite target. The opposite of Zonal Marking.
c)      Combination : A combined tactic of Zonal Marking & Mark Player. All of your defenders will guarding their area and they can switch their targeted player.
d)     Clear Area : A tactic that will make the defenders to throw the ball if the opponent come to the defended area.
e)     Sweeper : This tactic make you put one defender behind the other remained defenders as the last defense before the goal keeper.

          Maybe just that what I can share, there’s many other, and you can combine it to make a new your special Tactic with your own design. Maybe for the next time, I will reveal about my Cheat 8-2-0 Super Secret Formation WE All Versions Ps2 | Secret Formation Of Master's Trick WE All Versions Ps2 (ENGLISH VERSION). Please share it, OK ?

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